Friday, September 11, 2009

Recycled bags are the way to go WeBe all the way! CLOSED!

Girlie's a must bag to have. WeBe bags are trendy chic and seen on the arms of many celebrities. Love the concept of recycled coffee,feed,money and flour Saks transformed into amazing chic must haves. So many styles all accompanied by fun fabrics and Genuine sail ties for handles.I was blessed to have run into this company. I love the concept and find the bags to be Fabulous. They were a hot item at the Sundance Film festival and a big hit at the Cannes festival in France. OoLala..I own one and tote it around wherever I go..

I met the owner Tara Beavers. What a delight to talk to. She has passion and style and a love for life. I am grateful to have been chosen to write about this company. I am all about Organic and Natural things. I am happy to see a company take pride in using used resources and turning them into a Fabulous product.. Check out WeBe bags they have a great selection..

Tara was very kind to offer a Giveaway. The coffee backpack $70.00 value

(The picture is to get an idea. The bag you will get has stripped fabric on back very cool)

Please grab my button for your site and follow Giveaway directions..

Friday, September 4, 2009

In Honor Of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

As my way of support I added Bronwen's story to my site. Her Jewelry is amazing and she is offering a special Necklace that she designed for Ovarian Awareness. Please read and purchase one of these amazing Necklaces.. I just ordered mine in silver with espresso linen.. Can't wait to get it.. Order yours
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Hi Friends,Two years ago, ovarian cancer was not even on my radar.

I live in the Bay Area where we have one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the nation and I've lost girlfriends my age to the disease. Active, radiant, lively young women at whom I've smiled countless times across a sea of purple mats in downward dog. Women who might be alive today if breast cancer had just been on their radar.Ovarian cancer is the new breast cancer and I certainly don't mean that in a fashion sense. Like breast cancer was in the early 80's, ovarian cancer today is somewhat of a mystery to us all. We've heard of it, we know we don't want it, we know it's killing women every day...and yet most of us can't name a single symptom to be aware of. In other words, it flies under our radar.Action starts with awareness. How much DO you really know about ovarian cancer?

Special promotion for September!
20% off the Hera Necklace
The HERA Lotus necklace hangs a sterling silver or gold lotus flower just above the heart, symbolizing a woman's strength and ability to rise from adversity. The necklace, which is accompanied by an ovarian cancer symptoms card, does more than just raise awareness, but also seeks to honor the strength of women who have had or are currently battling the disease.

Enter promo code HERA at check out for a 20% discount!
~The HERA necklace is strong yet graceful, a testament to the power and courage of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The necklace was created to both enlighten and empower the woman who wears it and the woman who fights the disease.
In 2008, bronwen jewelry partnered with the Hera Foundation. bronwen donates 15% of Hera Necklace sales to the ovarian cancer organization, a non-profit whose mission is to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and to fund research.
To learn more about ovarian cancer and the Hera Foundation, visit
To learn more about the Partners in Action Program, contact Forte Creative Media , 702.898.2547

Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
Abdominal pressure, bloating, or discomfort
Nausea, indigestion, or gas
Urinary frequency, constipation, or diarrhea
Unusual fatigue
Unexplained weight loss or gain
Shortness of breath
This year, one in 57 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
Spreading the word: women gather together at a Hera Climb for Life Event
Unlike the Pap smear for cervical cancer or the mammogram for breast cancer, there is no reliable early detection method for ovarian cancer. Consequently over 75 percent of women with ovarian cancer have already had it spread by the time it is diagnosed. But that can change...
This month, I raise a glass of something delicious to women and all of the men who love us. To our awareness and enduring good health...clink, clink!Thank you for your business and friendship.

Be well,